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Has your roof been impacted by storm damage? If so, you may be eligible for assistance from your insurance company with the damage. Whether you need assistance with a roof wind damage insurance claim, or perhaps a hail damage roof repair claim, our team knows how to help you. While we obviously cannot speak to the insurance agency on your behalf, we can work with the insurance company during the inspection and repair process, to make everything as hassle-free as possible. When you need help with roof damage insurance claims for storm damage inSugar Land, TX, please give us a call at 832-280-1615 today to get started.

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To begin, call your home insurance provider. Immediately after you are done scheduling an inspection with them, call your preferred roofing contractor. Having a licensed and qualified roof contractor present during the inspection is a great way to make sure your insurance company will offer a fair settlement. An honest roofing contractor will make sure that the settlement matches the damages on your roof. If you have any before pictures of your roof, these can work in your favor. In the event that the settlement claim you’ve been offered is too low, or if you’ve been denied a roof insurance claim entirely, give us a call at 832-280-1615. Our team will know exactly what your adjustment sheet should cover, and we also know what the insurance company should be paying for those adjustments. We have years of experience handling roof damage insurance claims for storm damage, and while we will work with your insurance company to get the results you need, we ultimately work for you. That’s why we do whatever we can to take away as much stress as possible from the roof damage insurance claims process for you.

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When it comes to roof damage insurance claims, often the insurance company provides two checks. One for initial materials, and the second for completion of the job. we cash the initial check when the materials arrive at the destination. When we complete the repairs on your roof, we will send our final invoice to your insurance carrier. The insurance company and mortgage company may have additional steps required, which we will carry out promptly. The insurance company will send you the second check, and upon receipt, we will close out the contract, and include any warranties we have to provide.

If you have been hit by a large storm or hurricane, and find yourself in need of help with your roof damage insurance claims in Sugar Land, TX, give us a call today at 832-280-1615! Our team has experience in just about every type of roof insurance claim, and we are happy to help.