Hurricane Damage Roof Repair Services

Hurricane that Could Cause Hurricane Damage

You Can Limit Hurricane Damage By Making Sure Your Roof Is In Excellent Condition Before the Hurricane Hits.

With Sugar Land, TX so close to the coast, we all know that hurricanes are a large concern for residents. Hurricanes are extremely powerful, and even category one hurricanes can wreak real havoc on your home. With winds of up to 155 mph, hurricanes can tear off a roof as easily as we can open a soda can, so it is important to take precautions beforehand, as well as afterward. If you need assistance with hurricane damage in Sugar Land, TX or the surrounding areas, give us a call at 832-280-1615. Our team of professionals is standing by to give you the assistance you need.

Before A Hurricane Hits

The only upside to a hurricane, is that it is one of the few natural disasters that we can see coming, and therefore plan for.  News stations often give us a heads up, so that families can prepare and evacuate. The news also lets you know how to prepare, and offers plenty of helpful tips. If you have time, you can also prepare for hurricane damage to your home ahead of time. Get plenty of pictures of your home and roof before you leave. That way, if you need to make an insurance claim, you can provide your insurance agent with those photos. Additionally, if you notice any small signs of damage on your roof, have them fixed, assuming there is time. Your annual inspection should check for loose, warped or cracked shingles, and before a hurricane, you definitely want your roof in top condition. Any time there is wind or rain, your roof takes the brunt of the damage, so if there are any weak areas, the entire roof could be at risk. For instance, any missing or loose shingles are a weak point that could allow the hurricane winds to tear off your entire roof! Keep in mind, however, that your family’s safety should come first, so only repair these items if there is time.

If you have been advised to evacuate, pack up and do so immediately.

When You Need Hurricane Damage Repair

Hurricane Damage

When You Are Ready to Rebuild, Our Staff Can Help with Your Roof Hurricane Damage Repair.

When you return home, schedule a professional roof inspection that includes your preferred roofer, and your insurance agent. Together, we can make sure that all of the storm damages are covered by insurance, and expedite the repair process. Additionally, watch out for door-to-door and storm-chasing roofers that prey on victims of storm and hurricane damage. This is one of the oldest scams in the book, but it is also the most common roofing scam. If a roofer comes to your door unannounced offering roof services, you should verify a few things before trusting them. Ask for a license number, proof of insurance, and office location (PO boxes don’t count!). Any reputable roofer can provide you with all of those items. Also check for their BBB ratings, as the testimonials they give you could be fake.

At Sugar Land Premier Roofing, we have years of experience providing reliable and affordable roof repairs to our clients, and as local roofers, we take disasters in our community very seriously. If you find yourself faced with hurricane damage in Sugar Land, TX, give us a call at 832-280-1615 and let us help you get your home back to normal.