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Are you looking for a roofing company in the Sugar Land, TX area? Look no further! Sugar Land Premier Roofing is your top choice for local roofing services for residential and commercial properties. Our company is a veteran-owned family business. We understand that there is never really a convenient time for roof repair or replacement. It can be a noisy, messy job but we do whatever we can to make the project go smoothly. We will work with your schedule to make sure we cause as little disturbance as possible to the daily routine of your household or business. Our team also keeps your property clean whenever any services require removing old roofing materials. Our goal is to offer professional services that you trust to call on whenever you might need them again. If you are looking for a local, family-run roofing company to work on your roof, contact Sugar Land Premier Roofing. For any needs with home inspections, repairs, or insurance estimates, give us a call today at 281-747-8990.

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We offer repair, installation, and replacement of many popular roofing materials including shingle, metal, and flat roof membranes. No matter what work you need to be done, whether it’s a small leak or a complete installation, you can trust our roofers for the job. We will quote the cost of service prior to beginning the work. That way you don’t have to worry about any surprise costs or additional fees after the job is already underway. We pride ourselves on friendly customer service and reliable roofing services. When you need a local roofing company in Sugar Land, TX, give our team of roofers a call at 281-747-8990! We provide quality workmanship and materials for every project we take on.

Our staff is committed to providing you with the finest roofing solutions that will repair all kinds of problems on your roof.  If your commercial or residential roofing materials have been damaged by a recent storm and you need to replace the roof completely, talk to our staff about the benefits of upgrading to a stronger, more durable roofing material. We can install a wide variety of both commercial and residential metal roofing materials that will create a distinct appearance for the outside of your building.  We also offer a few different impact-resistant roofing materials that can protect your home or business from future hail damage. If you’re not as concerned about protecting your roof from the next storm, but really need to lower your energy costs, call our office and inquire about reflective roofing options. Whatever you need for your home or business, we can help you find the right roofing material.

Storm Damage Repair

Storm Damage Repairs

Storm Damage Repair from a Roofing Company

Storms and strong winds can cause a lot of trouble for your roof. When a storm comes through your area, it’s best to check the condition of your roof afterward to catch any damage early on. Knowing what to look for could end up saving you a lot of money by avoiding lasting water damage and rot. Our roofing company offers quality repairs and replacements for all types of roof storm damage, including hail, wind or damage caused by tree branches falling on your roof. Call Our Office at 281-747-8990 if you need roof storm damage repair today in Sugar Land, TX.

  • Hurricane DamageHurricane damage can be devastating, and at Sugar Land Premier Roofing, we’re here to offer fast and dependable assistance.
  • Roof Hail DamageWhen hail damages your roof, contact us immediately to prevent further damage and leaks
  • Roof Insurance Claims AssistanceStorm damage can often be covered by your home insurance, and we may be able to provide assistance.
  • Emergency Roof RepairIf you need immediate attention for your roofing materials, call our office for 24/7 emergency roof repairs.
  • Roof Leak RepairWhen hail or wind damage your roofing materials, it is susceptible to leaks and water damage.
  • Roof Wind Damage RepairStrong winds can cause significant damage to your roofing materials, leaving your home exposed to leaks.

Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing Services

Residential Roof Installed by a Roofing Company

The roof is an important aspect of keeping your home protected from the elements. After a while though, rain, wind, and hail can cause wear and tear on the roof. That is why we offer comprehensive roofing services to take care of homes in the Sugar Land area. Whether you need some shingles replaced, or an updated roofing system, we have the experience needed to get your roof back in top condition again. If you notice any potential damage to your roof, give us a call at 281-747-8990 for to hire a reliable roofing company for fast repairs to eliminate leaks.

  • Residential Roof RepairDoes your roof need repairs? Contact us for an inspection and a free estimate!
  • Roof FlashingRoof flashing is an important barrier against leaks, call us if you need flashing repairs
  • Roof InspectionsIf you are unsure about the condition of your roof, schedule a thorough inspection with one of our roofers
  • Roof InstallationNeed a new roof installed? Looking to upgrade your current roof? Contact us today for quality roofing installations
  • Shingle RoofingShingles is a versatile and affordable roofing option for your home with many styles available
  • Roof ReplacementIs your roof severely damaged or worn down from age? We can inspect your roof to determine if a replacement is a necessary step
  • Roof Decking Repair & InstallationIt is important to maintain the integrity of your roof decking to prevent a total roof collapse.

Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing Services

Commercial Roofing Materials Installed by a Roofing Company

Are you looking to repair an existing roof or install a new roof on your business? We offer dependable services for commercial roofing projects in Sugar Land, TX. Whether you have a shingle, metal, or flat roof membrane, we have the expertise required for installation or repairs of these materials. With our quality roofing solutions, you can continue to run your business smoothly while we make the needed changes to ensure your roof is sturdy and watertight. Give us a call today at 281-747-8990 to learn more about the commercial roofs we work with in Sugar Land, TX. Let our roofing company help you find the right solution for your commercial roofing problems.

  • Apartment & Condo RoofingWe offer professional repairs and installation services for apartment and condo roofing
  • Hotel RoofingIf you need the roof of your hotel repaired or need a new roof installed, call us for a free estimate.
  • Commercial Roof RepairWe offer professional services to resolve any problems you might be having with your commercial roofing materials.
  • Flat Roof RepairFlat roofs require more attention than other roofing systems, as they are prone to develop leaks and water damage.
  • Built Up RoofingBuilt up roofing is one of the oldest, most trusted roofing materials on the market.
  • Modified Bitumen RoofingModifed bitumen is an excellent roofing material to protect flat roofs from water damage and leaks.
  • Single Ply RoofingSingle ply roofing membranes can resolve problems on your flat roof and increase the energy efficiency of your building.

Metal Roofing

Quality Metal Roof Installation

House After a Metal roof InstallationWhen your commercial or residential roofing materials need to be replaced, it is a great time to consider upgrading to a stronger, more durable roof.  There are few materials as strong as metal roofing.  Metal roofing materials come in a wide range of styles and colors. Each style provides excellent protection from wind, hail and fire damage.  If You are Interested in scheduling a metal roof installation, contact our roofing company in Sugar Land, TX at 281-747-8990.

  • Steel RoofingSteel is one of the strongest roofing materials on the market because it expands and contracts with changing temperatures.
  • Aluminum RoofingAluminum roofing is completely resistant to rust and corrosion, which makes it ideals for buildings along the coast.
  • Standing Seam Metal RoofingA standing seam metal roofing materials provides excellent protection from leaks and water damage.
  • Corrugated Metal RoofingCorrugated metal roofing isn’t just for barns and warehouses. It is becoming very popular for residential roofing as well.
  • Stone Coated Steel RoofingStone coated steel roofing materials provide an elegant appearance and excellent protection for your home or business.
  • Metal Shingle RoofingMetal roofing shingles can mimic the appearance of more traditional roofing materials, but they require less maintenance.

Hire a Roofing Company You Can Trust

If you think your roof has suffered storm damage, or you need a roof replaced, contact us today by phone 281-747-8990 to hire a  dependable roofing company in Sugar Land, TX. We use top quality materials in any project we undergo so that every job we complete is done right the first time. Not sure what work is necessary for your roof? Give us a call and schedule an inspection and free estimate of your current roofing structure. We will give you all the necessary details on what needs to be done to get your roof back in top condition. Our goal as a company is to ensure that your home or business is well protected from the elements.  We work hard to make sure you have access to the repairs you need when you need them.  Every roofer on our staff is completely licensed and certified, so you can rest assured that you are getting the most professional staff when you hire our local roofing company.  Whether you’re looking for a company to complete your commercial roof restoration for a low price or are interested in upgrading to a stronger more durable roofing material, our staff is here to here to help. Don’t hesitate to call with all your roofing needs.